Basic knowledge for a good health

From “improving and preventing obesity” to “creating a healthy body”

Maintaining a healthy body depends a lot on diet, nutritional balance, exercise regimes and deep periods of sleep every day. However, if one of these factors is not maintained, this will cause troublesome illnesses. Tanita advocates health with a “reduce and prevent obesity” approach to help customers get good health.

Obesity is defined as “an abnormal increase in adipose tissue in the body”. In particular, the study results indicate that obesity tends to become a bad lifestyle (lifestyle disease) if the amount of visceral fat is high. So it is very important to establish a healthy, scientific lifestyle to minimize and prevent obesity. However, it is not easy to improve the lack of scientific life that takes place for many years now. There is a situation that many people are very likely to encounter in the process of trying to follow a new lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle; called “backtracking” in the habit, meaning “I will accidentally return to the original habit without being conscious/controlled.” For this reason, it is important that we “practice daily, improve gradually over time with great determination and seriousness to comply with the proposed plan”.

An exercise regime is suitable for each body

The selection of appropriate diet, activities, and training for each person is necessary because each person will have a separate state. For example, some people need to diet to lose weight, but there are people who need to gain weight.

“Dedication” of meals

1. Sometimes you have to check what you’ve eaten?
Sometimes, you don’t pay attention to what you have eaten, if they are “overloaded” with your needs. So, sometimes try to list and compare with the target to see what you load into the body is reasonable? Try not only to eat in sufficient quantities, to eat properly but to choose appropriate food to balance nutrition, bring a healthier body and slim waist shape!

2. Every time you travel or eat out constantly, remember to adjust meals before and after that to suit those occasions!
Please pay attention that your diet may be unbalanced when eating out (lack of calories, vegetables …). So, to avoid this situation, pay attention to adjust your meals before and after. In addition, although there are many attractive dishes waiting for you on the other occasions, try to limit it, do not let the body load too much food, not good for physique and health!

3. Don’t create a comfortable, easy eating environment
To avoid eating too much, it is important to keep your diet mindset. And please pay attention to choosing quality food for yourself (even if you cook or eat yourself, you must pay attention): from keeping fresh food, processing food, serving, cleaning before and after meals.

“Dedication” of exercises

1. There were a few times, I tried checking my footsteps, activity gauges, etc. while I was exercising at the gym, and while I was doing housework, the results were very unexpected. If working in a diligent and efficient home, we will burn more calories than going to the gym (week / 1 time), or as a walking routine is also an effective way of training!

2. Perform aerobic exercises, exercise balance and moderate health
You can choose many forms of exercise to quickly improve your health. However, it is easy to create the opposite effect if it is not balanced. To prevent injury and maximize the effect of each exercise, have a moderate exercise regime, balance.

3. Protect my speed and not compare with others (don’t do too much)
Exercise is what you can prove when you can continue. Each person has different physical strength. Competition, weak consciousness, low complexities can also hinder continuous practice. Don’t forget the real reason for your determination to exercise.

“Dedication” of sleep

1. Try to avoid sleep deprivation
In the present society, we need to spend more time on work, even for personal problems, so the average sleep time will decrease. To be able to accomplish well the work, study and hobbies, many people have to “sacrifice” their precious sleep. People often assume that sleep only causes sleepiness and fatigue, but recent studies have shown an association between obesity and sleep. So pay more attention to your sleep every day!

2. Stabilize your mind before going to bed
We know that getting enough “sleep” is very important, but besides that “sleep quality” has a huge impact on the body and health of each of us. It is important to relax before going to bed so you can get enough sleep and not wake up halfway. Before going to bed, learn to relax, such as reducing the brightness of the room, listening to music without words …

3. Do not let the body lack sunshine
Bad habits in the morning are also easy to lead to bad health conditions. After waking up, pull the curtains so your body absorbs sunlight. Let’s forge this habit. Because if your body lacks sunlight, your hormones, mental and physical conditions are also affected in a bad way.