Causes and remedies for the cold

According to statistics, there are more than 50,000 people suffering from heat stroke each year and one of us may also fall into this risk.
Therefore, we need to take appropriate measures for the body to be safe and comfortable in the hot season.

What is cold?

Hot summer makes your body temperature rise with outdoor temperature. At that time, our body sweats to regulate our body temperature, trying to lower our body temperature with steam.

However, when both the outside air temperature and humidity are high, the sweat does not evaporate, the body temperature cannot be adjusted so the heat will accumulate in the body. In such a situation, we are more likely to experience symptoms such as fainting, cramps, consciousness disorders, etc. These symptoms are collectively referred to as “cold”.

Prevention of cold and measures

● Confirm heat index (WBGT)
Cold occurs with temperature, humidity, radiant heat (direct sunlight, reflections, etc.), wind speed.

The environment is very dangerous

High temperature

High humidity

Thermal radiation

Not much wind

By capturing the heat index (WBGT), which is an index that combines the three elements of temperature, humidity, and radiant heat, we can know the risk of heat stroke. If the WBGT value exceeds 28 ° C, the risk of cold is quite high.

The risk of cold calculated by WBGT value
Because the effects of radiant heat cannot be accurately reflected in normal temperatures and humidity meters, it is not possible to assess the risk of heat stroke.
To obtain “WBGT value”, it is necessary to use an outdoor compatible device called “Black ball tBlackballcan measure the effect of radiant heat.

Characteristics of the black ball measure heat sensibility according to the m index

Measuring equipment using black ball type
TC – 200 temperature sensor
The black ball gives the heat alarm indicator when practicing TT – 561
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Cold may occur indoors

Especially in the elderly, the feeling of heat makes them weak, so there is a risk of cold in the room.
Even if you are in the room, try to grasp the room temperature and humidity when it is not needed, to add the necessary humidity, and take measures such as turning on the air conditioner earlier.

In addition, the risk of heat loss for infants and young children is very high, because at that age, the body has not developed the ability to regulate body temperature, and children do not know how to talk about the situation. His body with others.
So pay more attention to those around you to prevent cold.

To prevent cold in the room

TT – 545 Basic Thermal Variable Thermometer
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Thermometer Basic thermostat index TT – 546
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● Don’t rely on feeling
Even in an environment where the risk of cold is high, sometimes we still have the feeling “I’m fine” or “I’m not hot”, or “I can’t rest, others are still doing hard work. ” So we do not rest properly and do not replenish hydrates in time.

In these cases, measurement equipment is particularly useful. When aware of the danger level, which easily leads to heat sensing, the device will alert the user to prevent it.

Example of an alarm function:
● Add hydrates
To prevent the onset of cold, water supplementation is very important.
Add water promptly and follow the instructions below:

· Regularly
Even if you drink a large amount of water at the same time, your body cannot absorb it all. So take small sips of water several times a day.

· Intentional
When I feel “thirsty”, the body is showing signs of dehydration. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, consider adding water to your body. Especially when exercising, try to drink the right amount of water.

· Immediately after exercising
The water content in the body decreases immediately after exercise and continues until the next day. So take a hydrate supplement to allow your body to recover

The ways of adding hydrates are introduced in detail in the following article:

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