Causes of degenerative syndrome (Locomotive) and precautions

Locomo, is a syndrome that causes many negative effects on the quality of life of each person. Let’s find out about this syndrome.

Locomo: Syndrome caused by lack of movement

Locomotive syndrome (commonly known as Locomo syndrome) is common in people who have problems with body movement, in standing and walking activities, often in older people. It is difficult for them to perform daily activities on their own, but they need support equipment to be able to move/operate normally. Severe cases will lead to the risk of bedridden. So if this Lomoco symptom is presented in the early stages, it will be able to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of people when they are old.

Life expectancy and quality of life

Healthy lifespan is calculated according to “the period in which the body is healthy and functioning normally, not restricted by health problems”. The difference in average healthy life compared to the average life expectancy is in the “unhealthy period”, when people need health support equipment or need nursing care or even slowing down. bed. This stage will definitely have a great impact on yourself and your family. Therefore, in order to prolong a healthy life, proper application of Locomo prevention measures is necessary.

3 main causes of Locomo

So why is Locomo sick? The reason for Locomo can be based on factors that reduce muscle strength because of “high age” and “lack of exercise”. Besides problems related to bones and joints such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis also cause the body to reduce body balance. Below I will discuss the issue of maintaining the amount of muscle needed.

Locomo reduces the body’s ability to maintain muscles

When it comes to Locomo prevention, it is essential to find ways to maintain a stable and necessary muscle mass. As we age, muscular atrophy and muscle weakness often appear and cling to us. The figure below shows the change in muscle mass of each age from 20 onwards. We can easily see a significant reduction in muscle mass by age. In particular, the amount of muscle in the calf also decreases sharply when we start aging.

Muscular foot has always played an important role in the daily activities of each person. Thanks to the amount of leg muscles that our “standing”, “sitting” and “walking” go smoothly. If this muscle is weakened, daily activities and activities will become difficult, even if the body easily loses balance, can cause falls and bedridden. To overcome this problem, pay attention to training muscles every day. In order to maintain muscle strength, in addition to strengthening jogging, we need to practice bodybuilding exercises, such as Squat, which will be very helpful for strengthening the body’s muscles.