Healthy diet plan

If you only do weight loss by dieting, then this is not healthy. So how to effectively lose weight and still have good health

What is the reason why you gain weight?

Before making an action plan for a healthy, safe weight loss goal, you need to clarify what causes you to gain weight. One of the most obvious ways is to consider whether the amount of absorbed energy (food intake) is greater than the amount of energy consumed (energy used).

“Absorbing energy” is the energy that is introduced into the body through eating. “Energy consumption” is the energy used to support daily life and activities / exercise. If the amount of absorbed energy is less than the energy consumed, your body will slim down. So have you found the cause of weight gain, or even obesity?

Many agents can cause this condition. Especially eating habits: food available 24 hours, less opportunity to walk, less physical movement. Unfortunately, these have broken the balance between energy absorption and consumption. So, to overcome obesity, let’s learn “healthy science lifestyle” for daily life, and find out exactly the cause of obesity and treat this disease.

The problem is not trying to lose much weight

The fact that your body is losing too much weight, too much is not a good sign. Because the likelihood of obesity is determined not by how much weight you lose, but by “the percentage of body fat” = “body fat percentage”. Medically, obesity is defined as “not simply overweight, but the condition of adipose tissue abnormalities in body components”. Assuming you have the same weight index as a sports athlete, that doesn’t mean that you will have the same percentage of body fat with that person because each person’s muscle ratio is different. If a person has large muscle mass and bone mass, we can hardly conclude that they are also obese. So the percentage of body fat is very important and it is the determining factor of whether you are obese.

So how to lose weight healthily?

To be able to lose weight in science and health, aim to focus on reducing body fat. You need to monitor and control your diet, personal training on a regular and long-term basis. No need to set a goal of rapid weight loss, let your body have time to adapt and change, a bit slow but long-term. Rapid weight loss not only puts a burden on the body but can also cause many side effects such as anorexia, anemia, menstrual disorders. The most important is the long-term weight loss effect and still retains good health.

Tell you some healthy ways to lose weight

● Be aware of eating

1. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar

If you do not have the habit of eating breakfast, it will create a big “hunger” between the previous day dinner and the next day’s lunch. Therefore, the body will try to absorb more energy as soon as the first feed of the day is loaded. So, often you will eat a lot of dinner to make up for the “wasted” breakfast and compensate for that lack of energy, which is likely to cause obesity due to calorie accumulation in the form of Unnecessary fat (in the evening, it is usually gentle and does not need to consume too much energy), but due to the loading of any foods in the evening, the energy will be stored in the body, not metabolized.

So try to invest in breakfast, lunch and snack in the evening!

2. Eat slowly, chew carefully
The feeling of fullness is controlled by the feeling of satiety in the brain. The satiety center works with the amount of sugar delivered to the brain and creates an appetite for you. This satiety center started to function about 20 to 30 minutes before the start of the meal. Because when chewing slowly, blood sugar will move to the brain before the stomach is filled with food, so you will feel full and not eat too much. If you eat quickly without chewing, the food will be loaded faster than the satiety center’s reaction rate, you will end up eating more than you really need. In addition, by eating slowly, chewing carefully, food will be effectively digested and absorbed in the body. Not only will you feel the taste of the food better, eat it slowly for about 20 minutes by holding the chopsticks after eating, use a small spoon to eat, sip tea after eating, etc.

3. Eating well is better than eating more
To improve health, a balanced diet is needed. The amount of nutrients needed for humans is determined based on daily basic needs, so that regime often does not have a good propensity for health. If you are eating just focus on eating vegetables, fruits, your health will be negatively affected, you may be sick because of such a way of eating. If you have a balanced diet, your body will not want to eat anything else and the natural mechanism will help you suppress your appetite. In addition, when the metabolism is good, your body will hardly accumulate fat. If you want to increase the amount of food, count the amount of food you consume each day, thereby giving a natural diet to help balance nutrition.

4. Familiarize yourself with spices
Add the right spices to your meal. Spicy dishes are too bold, besides causing excess body salt, it also causes high blood pressure and heart disease. Replace salt with soy sauce, miso as much as possible to help your body become healthier by eating. Use caution when using other chopsticks. If you are subjective, you may become obese after each bite. If you eat an extra 20 kcal each meal, you will have about 7200 kcal of energy per year, equivalent to 1 kg of fat.

● Exercise

1. Enhance aerobic exercises as much as possible
Aerobic exercise is a way to consume energy and burn fat. This is a more effective way of walking, jogging, swimming, cycling … When increasing exercise time, fatty tissue will also shrink at the center of degraded adipose tissue & self-fatty acid. due to being transformed into the main energy source. Many people think that you have to do the exercise for at least 20 minutes before you can lose fat. However, the fact has shown that, even if you exercise for a short period of time (even 5-10 minutes), it can be effective in reducing fat. So just choose for yourself the right method and time to practice so that it suits your lifestyle.

2. Train and improve strength, burn fat effectively
Not only with aerobic exercise but also with exercises to improve strength are also very effective for fat loss. Through aerobic exercise, body fat is converted into energy & through strength training exercises, your muscles will be further developed (When fat is very difficult to accumulate in the body then) ). By adding more strength training exercises such as muscle training, Sit-ups, push-ups, weight training, will bring you considerable weight and fat consumption exercises. Give yourself the habit of practising, persevering and not giving up.

3. Feeling comfortable and excited when practising
It takes some time to get results after practising. Get the right perspective “it is not easy to get results immediately after practice”, plus pay attention to the joy and comfort of moving the body. Persevering in training, the body will definitely progress well. Look at the small changes in our bodies. Also, if you feel pain while exercising, be more careful and careful. Because this can be a dangerous signal that the body is emitting. If you can’t handle it, you will continue to feel pain, and it will last. If you have pain, take time to rest and do other things or consult your doctor or trainer.

● Other notes

1. Daily routine
If your life is inadequate, don’t eat breakfast before going out, eat regularly at night, your body will lose energy balance. To avoid a lack of moderation such as skipping meals or overeating, because awareness of the body is extremely necessary, and the first thing to do is to keep good habits every day. By adjusting the rhythm of life, you can adjust the rhythm and balance of meals.

2. Evaluate daily body composition
To maintain proper body weight, measure body composition every day. If you only depend on personal feelings, it is difficult to understand the increase / decrease in fat and muscle. Continuing to measure does not only make you know how to lose weight, but also makes it easier to control your body. By recording your body composition indicators every day, you will have a way to refine yourself.

3. Do not be stressful
In today’s society, few people can avoid stress. It is important to control your stress well. Because if not, every time you get stressed, you tend to load more sweets to relieve the spirit. The hormonal serotonin hormones in the brain work to make you more calm. When your body absorbs sugar, serotonin levels will increase. For this reason, many tips suggest that when you feel stressed, just eating sweets will increase the amount of serotonin, you will become more calm and reduce stress. However, if you eat too much and have no control over the temptation of sweets, you will fall into frustration and the level of stress increases. In addition to eating, family and friends and problems that annoy you … can also make you more stressed. You can listen to music, travel to reduce stress. In addition, a balanced diet and proper exercise also work very well to reduce stress.