How to eat healthily

During your diet, not only does the menu and cooking play an important role, but how to eat is also essential for weight loss. This article will give you tips on how to eat & important ingredients for your diet.

A few tips on how to eat

As we all know, if the calories you consume in your body more than your calories are burned, it will increase your risk of blood sugar, and this is not much related to your diet. yours. As long as you eat, your blood sugar will increase. After that, the amount of hormone insulin (secreted from the pancreas – reducing blood sugar) will increase. When this insulin is released, in the process of reducing blood sugar, it works to convert blood sugar into fat and store it in the body. If the increase in blood sugar is moderate, insulin is usually not excreted excessively. However, if you eat a sudden amount of sweets, rice, or bread … while you are hungry, your blood sugar will be excreted in the wake all at once, and your body will produce more insulin than you need. set. This motivates fat accumulation to be converted into sugars. Not only that, this time, “diabetic Roller coaster condition” causes blood glucose to change dramatically: when it reaches its peak, when it drops very quickly, then causes appetite.

Add more fibre

When you are hungry, you immediately have an appetite for carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, which will have a negative impact on diets as this will promote fat accumulation, copper. Time increases appetite. To avoid this, fasting immediately replenish the vegetables that match the diet, making the body need time to digest and absorb. So you can add fibre to your body, digest slowly, gently, and prevent the increase in blood sugar values. As you can see, if you suppress the sudden increase in blood sugar, the weight gain will become more difficult; so eating is necessary. Because fibre has mucus, the satiety centre is easy to stimulate even if you eat only a small amount, and also provides the effect of preventing overeating. In summary, one of the very effective ways for dieting is to limit the absorption of sugar by inhibiting carbohydrate absorption which reduces excess fat. This also helps you digest better and get better skin. This little trick will bring a lot of efficiencies.

Foods rich in fibre

Foods high in fibre include vegetables, beans, seaweed, mushrooms and konjak. These foods have many ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals and have low-calorie content. The fibre consumption is expected to be 20 g per day. When we use these vegetables as ingredients for processing, we need about 350 g. If it is raw vegetables, it is estimated that the number of vegetables will fall to about 120g (equivalent to 2 hands) .; If the vegetables are cooked, the amount of vegetables is equivalent to 1 hand. A meal should include raw vegetables and processed vegetables. For the main ingredient, dishes are vegetables, 1 meal can prepare 2 plates of vegetables.