How to prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a phenomenon in which the bones of the body are constantly thinning, becoming brittle and more fragile. The bone itself has its own health conditions. What are those conditions, let’s explore!

If bone is not cared for and protected, it will be wasted

Over time, bone density in the human body will suffer many different effects and become more brittle, thin, more brittle. If this condition persists, it is most likely to lead to osteoporosis. However, if we understand the cause and nature of this disease, we can completely prevent it.


What is osteoporosis?

A healthy skeleton must be solid and dense (high density). But if the bone density decreases, the bones become thinner, then your joint problem is alarming. This will easily lead to osteoporosis. The rate of osteoporosis in men and women in turn is 2: 8. This means that women are more likely to fall into osteoporosis than men. Especially for those who enter middle age and when they get old, bone density will gradually decrease with age so it will be more prone to osteoporosis. However, according to recent statistics, osteoporosis status has occurred in women over 30, even beyond 20 years old. This is a very alarming health issue for the sisters.

Some common causes of this condition include the lack of calcium in the body, or because of a strict diet. To reduce this situation, women can apply simple, easy-to-follow methods such as calcium & vitamin D supplementation, sunbathing, regular and reasonable exercise. Besides, paying attention to balance in diet and exercise is also essential.

● Here are some tips to help you supplement calcium effectively, make bones stronger

1. Eat 3 meals a day
2. Supplement food rich in calcium for daily meals
3. Supplement vitamin D (oral tablets can be used) to increase calcium absorption. Some foods are rich in vitamin D, including fish containing high oil content, mushrooms, etc.

4. Do not use lots of foods such as snacks, fast food to avoid overloading phosphorus into the body, easily leading to osteoporosis
5. Take the sun appropriately so that the body can absorb vitamin D
6. Restricting drinking alcohol and tobacco because these will limit the body’s calcium absorption
7. Exercise regularly and reasonably

Increase bone strength by exercising more

As mentioned above, exercise also contributes to a stronger skeleton. By exercising, bone stimulation, bone cells work, this is essential to stimulate bone cell regeneration. When calcium is introduced and new bone cells are formed, exercise is the main way to strengthen bones to support the body. Even if you don’t have time to exercise, move consciously from day to day to stimulate your bones: walk, increase daily exercise, etc. This also helps you consume better energy, and promote the effectiveness of dieting.