Instructions for using the body composition analyzer

Body composition analysis index is given by Tanita’s analyzer. Thereby, we need to learn how to use it properly and effectively so that it can be best supported for health protection.

How to use body composition analyzer accurately

To get accurate results from body composition analyzers, we need to use them properly. Based on the bioelectric impedance method, this device uses the electrode of a body component to weakly power the body and estimate body composition such as “fat” and “muscle” from the resistance value. its. For this reason, the measured value of body composition varies depending on the measurement time, physical condition, etc. It is important that the measurement is always done at the same time and under the same conditions. We recommend that you consider long-term change trends without being limited by detailed changes.

The best time to measure body composition

For Tanita body composition device, the most ideal time is before meals and before bathing. Because at that time the body state is still stable, there is no change in body temperature or body water, so the measurement will not be influenced by external factors. By measuring at the same time and in the same state as much as possible, you can perform measurements that are not affected by body changes due to daily activities.

Change the value of the measured factor

Because Tanita’s body composition meter uses bioelectric impedance method, the transmission of electricity is affected by changes in body water and body temperature due to daily activity, so value Measurement of component clock changes with measured time.

1. Change the amount of body water

The amount of water in the body changes due to many different factors. In the morning of the day, the amount of body water is evenly distributed throughout the body, but because we stand a lot, it gathers in the lower part of the body in the evening. And when I go to bed I go back to the original distribution. This moisture fluctuation makes elements of body composition fluctuate.

In addition to fluctuating time of day, body water will fluctuate even with the following factors, so avoid measuring in the following conditions:
● Factors causing body water changes
· After eating too much
· When you feel the hangover
· After intense exercise
· Symptoms of severe dehydration, sweating
· When the body has a fever or diarrhoea

2. Effects of body temperature changes

When the body temperature changes, the ease of transmission also changes accordingly. In addition, when the body temperature increases, blood flow increases, and this also affects the measurement. Similarly, reducing body temperature will be affected by easy changes in electrical transmission and changes in blood flow. In the same way, as for body water, avoid measurements in situations where the corresponding change is largely due to the following factors:

● Factors causing changes in body temperature
· Exercise and sauna
· Temperature increased due to bathing
· Temperature increases when energy consumption increases with meals
· Cold air, the whole body gets cold for a long time
· Fluctuations in temperature due to the menstrual cycle

When the body needs movement, the amount of water and body temperature will be significantly changed. Also, when you have a cold and have a fever, be careful because your body’s water conditions are different from normal. In addition, the state of the body water and body temperature fluctuate greatly before and after exercise. However, it is possible that you are thinking that “If only for short-term exercise, the rate of body fat before and after exercise will change significantly”. But, in fact, you need to try your best to maintain the time and state of movement to have significant results.

Accurate time of measurement

1. After a 2-hour meal
2. Measure before going to the toilet
3. Avoid measuring immediately after exercising
4. Avoid measuring when the body loses water or oedema
5. Avoid measuring in low temperature or low body temperature
6. Avoid measuring when emitting heat
7. Avoid measuring immediately after bathing