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The following article will explore the relationship of sleep quality and obesity

Why did Tanita have research about the sleep?

Tanita has conducted research and product development based on the goal of improving people’s health, focusing on providing solutions for “prevention of obesity”. A few recent studies have shown that, besides diet & exercise, rest (sleep) also has a great effect on obesity.

In Japan, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs has launched the campaign for the promotion of the entire population health (For a healthy 21st-century ofJapan). The campaign also focuses on “ensuring a good sleep for a healthy life.”

The relationship between sleep and obesity

Recent studies on the correlation between sleep and obesity have been published in US university studies: Short sleep tends to lead to obesity.
The short duration of sleep and the excretion of a lot of ghrelin hormones (hungry hormones) will promote a higher appetite. On the other hand, the spending hormone leptin energy decreases, leading to a hormonal balance disorder. Also due to the hormone leptin, the calorie intake increased, leading to an increased risk of obesity. In addition, there is also a report indicating that, when sleeping too little, there is a risk of increasing blood sugar, blood fat increases so arteriosclerosis, reducing good cholesterol functions to prevent sclerosis. artery.
On the contrary, even if the sleeping time is too long, the body tends to be similar, increasing the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.
Research shows that if a person maintains an average sleep time of 7 hours, it will help the body & mind become healthier, avoid lifestyle diseases.
However, that does not mean that you necessarily have to sleep 7 hours a day. Appropriate sleep time varies from person to person. There were still people who slept for 7 hours but still felt tired and craved for sleep. This proves that: how much of the period of sleep is not important, but “a deep sleep”, and sleep time should be appropriate. Therefore, not only the time but how “quality” of sleep is the factors that make you become healthier.Learn about your sleep statesThere are two types of sleep time: type 1 is the time from when you go to sleep, until you wake up, and the second form is the time when your brain actually rests, falls asleep. The period of time when we fall asleep really is called effective sleep and it is this that determines the good quality of sleep.
In fact, the sleep states will not have uniformity. Two sleep states are typical: deep sleep and shallow sleep. When our bodies fall into a deep sleep, growth hormone is produced. Through it, this hormone works to correct the body after a hard day of work/activity. In particular, it will stimulate the development of the body for those who are in the great stages.
On the other hand, when we have shallow sleep, growth hormone will gradually decrease & after a day of fatigue, our body will not be restored to a stable state. If this condition persists, it will cause more health damage.
To check the depth of sleep, you can go to a number of outpatient clinics and treatment rooms to do a sleep study – also known as Polysomnography (PSG). However, it is not easy to be consulted and fully tested about your health status.
To solve this problem, Tanita has been diligently working on a product that can effectively help people realize their sleep state, which is a device to measure sleep, making it easy to measure. sleep time as well as your sleep status (shallow or deep).

What benefits that the sleep measuring devices bring us

With Tanita sleep measuring device, you can easily recognize the states of sleep that are difficult to identify. We can use this device to measure sleep time, sleep efficiency, depth of sleep as we have learned in the above sections.

Specifically, with “The sleep stage” – the sleep stage, the device shows us how the change in the depth of sleep is. “The sleep score” will re-evaluate the stages of sleep and display the corresponding score level. “The sleep type” indicates the state of sleep, “The sleep advice” gives advice for each different sleep state. In particular, there is an “analysis result” – the result of a sleep analysis that helps you see the analysis carefully through specific, specific numbers.

A great mode of this device is “The sleep diary”, which will illustrate the time of sleep, the length of sleep each day. You can compare and evaluate your sleep every day through the Analysis Chart.

Since we will perform different activities every day, the state of sleep also changes. The scale measures sleep quality accordingly, also up / down, not keeping the level. So, if you can monitor your sleep quality for a period of time, be aware of the times when your sleep has many changes (clearly shown in the statistical chart). In this way, you can see how your daily lifestyle habits affect your sleep.

In addition, with the device’s memo function, you can leave a record if there are other actions and events that are different from normal. There are also four buttons to check activities such as drinking, exercising, nap, sleep-related diseases. By recording these things, we can better understand the impact of lifestyle habits on sleep.
For example, if there is a time when you find that the level of sleep state has signs of going down, you can refer to the sleep tips to adjust the way of living, eating, and exercising to improve quality. Sleep of fast and effective.

The accuracy of the device

To know how good the quality of sleep is, need to sleep properly.
With Tanita’s specialized device, we can record the state of the body while we sleep through three manifestations: breathing, pulse and body movement. Based on these analyzes, we have come up with an algorithm to evaluate the level of deep sleep.

There is a general method of sleep measurement performed in outpatient treatment and intensive sleep clinics, which is the method of polysomnography testing (PSG). And for Tanita’s sleep measuring device, we will get the same result.

Besides, if we want to assess the state of sleep, we need to understand how deep the sleep is, how the stages of sleep … This is only assessed by ordinary experience. without deep expertise it is difficult to draw conclusive conclusions. Therefore, Tanita developed the “sleep score” function as an indicator that captures the state of sleep by comprehensively measuring the state of sleep based on multiple research data 3 ).
This helps you to easily grasp your own sleep state objectively and accurately.

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