The importance of exercise

Understand the importance of exercise and the effectiveness of exercise to help you feel more comfortable and happy.

What is motion?

Exercise is “moving the body”, and has recently been called physical activity along with activities in daily life (activities) and sports and other activities. Humans are high-class animals, and like other animals, “movement mechanisms” are available for each body. However, when life is more modern, opportunities to practice again decrease. And many people do not have the habit of exercising (hot/cold/busy)

Why do I have to exercise?

I think exercise is good, but why do I have to exercise?

Consider the two main reasons for this.

1. Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
Exercise is a way to help balance energy absorbed from food and energy consumption when operating. If the amount of food you eat does not change, and you do not exercise, the amount of energy absorbed will exceed the energy consumed, and the absorbed energy will be stored in the lower body. If this condition is repeated many times, fat will accumulate more than necessary and make you become obese. And obesity increases the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.

2. Maintain muscle strength and body function

After spending 1 week in bed, my body was tired and unable to move, as usual, I realized that physical strength, muscle strength and stamina were greatly reduced, reflected in the body is easily tired, and moving is more difficult than usual. If you do not use the functionality you have, its functionality will decline with surprising speed.

For example, “walking” activities. It seems easy to hear, but the anterior thigh muscles (rectus muscle femoris muscle/muscle broad) when walking, femoris biceps, tibialis before muscles, muscles of many legs, such as lower triceps (gastrocnemius, soleus muscle, etc.) I will take a step, one more step. Moreover, it uses muscles of buttocks, hips, backs and arms. You can “walk” for the first time with the whole muscle. The ability to balance to move forward to move the centre of gravity, and even necessary cardiopulmonary function that can move for a long time.

If you do not “walk”, more muscle will decrease, more ability to balance, the cardiopulmonary function will decrease. It reduces the speed of walking and becomes this path, not through full of signals, or the balance to have a suitcase that leads to unstable, about to come out of fear a lot affecting Everyday life like accidentally falling stumbling in small steps I will. It is necessary to walk every day so not a situation like that. Essential muscles and functions are maintained by walking. In addition, muscle mass increases during the growth phase and then decreases with age. However, unlike bones and muscles, organizations can increase their training by performing any amount of training.

Effect of the exercise

● Body effect
Although the effect of exercise appears well on the functional aspects of the body, it is effective against disease as well.
Maintain a healthy body
· Maintain and improve physical strength and strength
· Prevention of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes and metabolic syndrome
· Preventing the deterioration of life function associated with aging (locomotive syndrome)
· It becomes less tiring easily by improving time respiratory function
· Reduce back pain and knee pain
· Improve hard, cold shoulders by promoting circulation
· Increase resistance (cold prevention)

 Spiritual effects
There are also a lot of people who have experienced a very good feeling like a refreshing feeling and a sense of accomplishment after running unexpectedly. The movement like this will have many positive mental effects.
· Reduce dementia
· Pain relief
· Change speed and reduce stress

How long can I exercise?

How often do you exercise? Momentum varies greatly depending on the person. If you will start exercising now, try adjusting the number of exercises with reference to the following.

● Walk thousands of steps more now!
Even if it often set a goal of “one day 10,000 steps Go!” For those who not only walk 2000 steps back, it will be difficult to achieve. Therefore, the motto “Let’s move 10 minutes more body now” in daily life has been issued from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. If it moves for another 10 minutes, that means you go about 1,000 more steps as you walk. For example, if you use stairs instead of elevators, a small distance, if you walk rather than a bike, you will have to take extra steps. Standing in training also in addition to walking, shopping will lead to the move as much as 10 minutes to review such small actions to get a car, not a cart. It’s better if you think about what you can do for yourself and can’t do it.

● Exercise 30 minutes twice a week
It is also supported that you make a spectacular exercise twice a week for more than 30 minutes. Any type of exercise such as walking, running, football, baseball, tennis, etc. can be used. We encourage you to find exercises that can be enjoyed and continued and make it a habit.

Reference: “On the advocacy of health promotion activities (Operational Guidelines)” and “2013-based activities for health promotion” of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs.