The importance of Hydrat

First of all, we need to understand the importance of adding hydrates to the body. This article will show the harmful effects of dehydration, and emphasize hydration.

About the amount of water in the body

For adults, the amount of water is different for each person, but on average will range from 50-70% of body weight. Over time, the amount of water in the human body tends to decrease: if in the newborn, the amount of water reaches 70-80%, then in the old age, the body water is only about 50%. Body water has many different things: in addition to working to regulate body temperature and helping muscles move, it also functions to transport important nutrients such as blood to the entire body, and water. The body also secretes sweat and excretes into the urine. For adults, we lose between 2 and 2.5 litres of water every day, and this water will be more wasted if you exercise and lose moisture. However, even if you are careful about nutritional balance, are you really interested in drinking water?

The importance of hydrates

You are exercising to lose weight and improve your health, but do you know that your body needs to consume water when exercising? During exercise, the body temperature increases, the body will consume more water to sweat more than usual. Especially in the summer, the temperature will increase so the body water will lose more. And in the winter, it is drier than summer and sweat tends to evaporate, so it is difficult for you to know that your body is sweating. In order to exercise happily and safely in the middle of the summer, we must be aware of how much water our body needs. In fact, after each exercise to lose weight, you will consume 2% of your body water. In worse cases, if you can’t adjust your body temperature well, it can lead to a heat stroke.

The appropriate amount of water

It is important to measure your body weight right before and after exercising to check if you have dehydration when exercising. Try it once and let’s take a look at your water intake. Weight measurement points at this time are two.
· Wear the same clothes before and after exercise to get accurate weight results
· To measure your weight to determine the amount of sweat lost after exercise
※ Be careful not to change the weight of your body clothes carefully.

Do you fall into 2% less weight than before exercising? So let us consider whether the amount during the episode is lost in many countries.

Note about drinking water

There are a few notes in the method of drinking water. When drinking water, pay attention to the following points:
· Regularly
Even if you eat and drink at the same time, you still can’t absorb it well. Every time, drink some water
· Drink water intentionally
While thirsty, even if you drink a lot of water, your body will not absorb enough. So while exercising, intentionally drink water.
· Even after exercise
The water content in the body decreases immediately after exercise and the next day. So make up for that shortage by adding hydrates to your body.

● Tips for adding hydrates while exercising

While exercising, our bodies tend to lose a lot of water so it is essential to provide enough water. The body’s sweat not only contains water but also minerals and salt (sodium). In the case of physical exercise for more than 1 hour, the amount of carbohydrate needs to be loaded into the body as follows:
· 40 to 80 mg / 100 ml of sodium
· 4-8% carbohydrates
Most of the sports drinks available on the market meet this requirement, so you can use them during practice.