The introduction and improvement of measuring body equipment

Since ancient times, people have found body measurement methods. From simple devices, today are more focused and improved, from rudimentary tools now become modern and essential devices, many features. The article will “turn over” the process of invention, formation and improvement of health measuring devices.

The introduction of health measuring equipment

In 1959, Tanita began producing and selling Medical equipment called “Health Meter”, which is a health meter. At that time, the Health Meter was interpreted as a measuring tool to help people achieve weight gain goals.

History of the health measurement tool

Legend has it that, in the Indian Mughal dynasties, each time the king’s birthday, he usually measured his body weight and informed the gods. Because to the point of time, the increase of the king’s weight was a sign of the nation becoming prosperous and developing. Weight, health is the symbol of prosperity. This story is also more or less related to a period of Japanese history in the 1930s. At this time, one of the serious diseases that claimed many people’s lives at that time was tuberculosis. lung. People with tuberculosis will become very thin and sick. And the fact that these patients can regain weight will be a positive sign for physical recovery. Therefore, for Japanese people, weight is a clear measure of human health. You can see that “serious condition” = “healthy”.

The introduction of scale measuring the amount of fat

According to economic growth, today, Medicine has improved a lot. Infectious and dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis have decreased significantly. When reassessing dangerous diseases that can easily lead to death, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, lifestyle diseases such as strong sclerosis, tuberculosis (ranked 10th) .. .is the TOP disease that is rampant, and causes the most harm. These diseases can cause stroke and myocardial infarction and are more common in obese people. So, the way people think about weight has changed a lot. In recent years, an index called Body Mass Index (BMI) can assess whether a person is obese or overweight; Based on the correlation between height and weight.

Let’s look at some of the differences between body fat and muscle mass. Considering the amount of fat and the amount of muscle with the same weight, the fat is 1.2 times as much as the same amount of muscle (because the volume is different). So there is a huge difference between people who are fat and those who have lots of muscle. A body fat measuring device has been researched and developed to measure the amount of fat that cannot be seen. The role of fat is mainly to provide the body with energy to prepare for hunger, to accumulate excess energy, to protect the body from shock, maintain body temperature, regulate internal balance. hormone. However, if the amount of openness is accumulated too much, it not only causes lifestyle-related diseases but their weight can also burden the joint and hurt the person exercising. Therefore, Tanita produced and sold the world’s first body fat meter in 1992.

The introduction of body composition analyzer

It can be said that the amount of fat attached around the internal organs (visceral fat) if excess will lead to many metabolic syndromes (high blood pressure/hyperlipidemia/hyperglycemia). Therefore, TANITA researches deeply and develops measurement technology that can measure the amount of fat, visceral fat, muscle mass and bone mass separately. This helps us identify the factors that make up the body in more detail, such as visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate, body water content. Therefore, in 2003, TANITA not only produced and traded the body fat measuring device, started producing and selling the body composition analyzer on the market. Thus, it is possible to know the risk of visceral fat accumulation and give an indication of the level of risk associated with lifestyle diseases. In addition, the baseline metabolic rate data is also shown, helping you to analyze whether fat is easily consumed or not. In this way, understanding your body state is a suggestion that leads to improved lifestyles like diet and exercise.

A body composition analyzer can be used to control the health of many people

The measurement technology has evolved since the body composition analyzer was born, so we can measure not only the whole body but also other parts such as arms and legs. The measured age and range are also expanded, so that we can measure body composition of 6-year-old children and pregnant women. In addition, a belly fat meter capable of measuring the rate of belly fat during sleep has been developed, and it has become possible to use it for the health of people who are too fat, unable to go on their own / stand.