The secret from Tanita Kitchen

At Tanita’s cafeteria, we offer delicious and nutritious menus. The following article will tell you about this cooking secret.

Features of Tanita’s menu

Tanita always pays special attention to the health of the employees, so he provides a healthy menu, full of calories and moderate salinity for each dish. This menu includes a full set of rice dishes, soups, main dishes, 2 side dishes, which also contain plenty of green vegetables with moderate salt. Food is not only delicious but also nutritious with about 500 kcal for each meal.

In particular, if we do not have regular knowledge of diet or eating out, it will be easy to get 800-900 Kcal in a meal. Compared to Tanita’s 500 Kcal meal, we can have 300-400 Kcal per meal.

As we know, 7200 Kcal is needed to reduce 1 Kg of fat. So if you lose 240 kcal in your diet a day, you will lose 1 Kg of fat in 1 month. In other words, if you eat this meal once a day and maintain it for a long time, losing weight will be done easily. In addition, if you combine exercise, energy consumption will increase, your diet will become more effective and moderately.

Recipes for Tanita employees use methods to control calories and salt content. By applying these things, we can reduce excess calories and salt from regular meals.

1. Excessive “grease” prevention tool “

At each employee’s meal, we try to control the appropriate amount of “grease” for the serving of 500 kcal. Cooking oil and fat are an energy source and one of the most important nutrients, but even a small amount of fat also contains a lot of energy (1 g = 9 kcal), so we try to eliminate remove “visible oils” such as cooking oil, animal skin, fatty meats, and “hidden fats” contained in food ingredients as much as possible. Because a small amount of fat is not enough calories. For example, we take the time to remove chicken skin is also a way to reduce significant calories for the diet. In addition, instead of processing many fried or fried dishes, we can choose foods to bake to eliminate excess fat from the ingredients. In addition, meat and fish that contain a lot of protein are important nutrients for muscles, but in fact, the fats in these two foods also account for a significant amount. If you are a normal person, you should limit yourself to about 100 g per serving. We can limit the amount of Calorie thanks to some cooking techniques. More specifically, see the example below:

● Tips for baking / frying food

・ Use a frying pan made with the Teflon process or an oil-free oven/grill.
・ Use a grill, microwave oven to bake, add a little oil
・ When grilling meat, fish, use oil absorbent paper to remove excess grease

● Food frying tips
・ Place the whole piece when frying large food and then cut it out. (Limit the amount of oil wool to the cross-section)
・ Breaded thin coat
・ Do not fry but use an oven to limit cooking oil

2. Tools to prevent excess salt

Having too many calories and lots of excess salt in the diet is also not good for health. When the body loads a large amount of salt, it is easy to lead to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension. Moreover, the body tries to accumulate moisture according to the existing salt ratio. If excess salt is present, the body is more susceptible to oedema and burden on blood vessels. In addition, the dishes are spicy, will become more charming, and from there you will easily indulge your thirst by drinking more sweet water. Therefore, this is indeed not very effective in controlling appetite. Tanita Kitchen always takes measures to limit salt content through the use of acidic, pungent, umami, sweet foods. More specifically, we consider the following example:
· Acidity: Use cereal vinegar, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice etc.
· Pungent/spicy taste: Use spices such as red chilli, Tabasco, curry powder, mustard, wasabi, spices
· Meat sweetness: processing soup from tuna with Katsuobushi and dried kelp
· Sweet: Use mirin (a Japanese spice), honey, etc.
· Spices: using flavoured vegetables (shiso, ginger, onions), roasted sesame, herbs
· Koku: Use ice cream, nuts
· Fruits: take advantage of fruits as an important source of food

3. Quantifying cooking ingredients is very important
Limiting the number of calories and salt, “weighing” is important. During the cooking process, use a spoon to get the spices just right and appropriate. It should be noted that the amount of oil used in cooking, if not properly adjusted, can easily lead to excess calories. In this way, you can control whether you are consuming too much salt and excess energy in your daily foods. It should be noted that it is not necessary to estimate by eye but by measuring with a spoon, cup, cup … so that it is reasonable. Also through this, you can recognize the relationship between body size and the level of food, so that you can determine the amount of food you need to load into your body. It is also easy for you to control your weight.