Weight-gaining method

Not a little weight gain is good. However, there are also many people who want to gain weight but cannot. Let’s take a look at the healthy weight gain methods.

Excessive weight loss will harm the body

The image of a slim woman, slim waist is said to be a symbol of beautiful women. Although physique is an important issue that many women are concerned about, in fact, many people are applying the diet too harshly, the mood is always anxious because of “fear of fat” … These things can cause great harm to the body, erratic changes, making the body tired of eating, the spirit is not optimistic. So, let’s understand the role of fat before planning specific nutrition for yourself.


Not “fat” = “bad”

The misconception of many people is that the body has less fat the better. Of course, the excess fat in the body will lead to many harmful effects but need to ensure adequate fat. You can check the percentage of fat that is suitable for your body to assess and maintain that amount.

Previously, thanks to the amount of fat stored in the body, many people have overcome hunger. Fat also plays an important role in every person’s daily activities as well as stimulating female hormones to develop. Some of the effects of fats include:

・ Maintain body temperature
・ Moisturizes the skin
・ Create beautiful curves for the body
Rapid weight loss, reckless weight loss and rapid fat loss can lead to unwanted symptoms & illnesses such as shoulder aches, colds, menstrual disorders. Therefore, you should stop comparing yourself with models, friends … but look back at your body, your needs and your physical foundation to set goals, plans & The most appropriate and effective method.

Attention to “skinny people”

There are many people who do not diet but are very thin. In these cases, because both the amount of fat & body weight are too small, there are many risks that lead to the disease. Whatever food is not fat. If you are in this situation, please pay special attention to the following:

1. Eat 3 meals a day
Basically, one day you need to eat 3 meals. If you eat only one meal a day, then you are breaking the nutritional balance and not getting enough calories. A person who consumes too many calories compared to his basic needs should pay attention to checking and monitoring calories that have consumed regular daily activities. When testing to see how much calories are consumed than calories absorbed, try to increase your calorie intake gradually and regularly.
2. Check the digestibility of the body
Although many women ate enough of a meal a day, they still fell into thinning. This is most likely due to the effects of poorly functioning gastrointestinal tract, leading to the difficulty of absorbing food. In particular, for those who are prone to diarrhoea, your digestive problems are more or less affected. If you fall into this situation, you should quickly go to the hospital to check and fix quickly!
3. Regular practice
One of the ways to make your weight gain very effective is to increase muscle mass. There is a rather unfavourable fact for women, that is over the age of 20, if not regularly trained, muscle mass will decrease over time. So practice increasing the amount. Another great use of exercise is to make bones stronger and prevent osteoporosis later.