Digital kitchen scales

  • High accuracy with a minimum weight of 0.1 g, maximum weight 3 kg.
  • With convenient storage box.
  • Stainless steel tray can be removed and washed.

Scale water and milk by volume (ml): ml mode
Do not need to use a measuring cup, you can still weigh the amount of water or milk (regular fresh milk).
※ The capacity (ml) of water and milk displayed by this device is the calculated value.


Weight range0 ~ 3000g
Display minimum weight1g
Detailed mode: 0.1g (0~300g) 0.5g (300~1500g)
AccuracyNormal weight mode From 0g to 750g : ± 2g 、 over 750g to 3000g : ± 3g
Detailed mode (0.1g) From 0g to 75g : ± 0.2g 、 over 75g to 300g : ± 0.3g
Detailed mode (0.5g) From 0g to 375g : ± 1.0g 375 on 375g to 1500g : ± 1.5g
Display character height18 mm
Additional weight
(Display function)
Automatically power offAbout 6 minutes
Regional setting9
Weigh water / milk
(Ml mode)
Rubber feet – siliconYes
Stainless steel trayYes
Hook / holeHole holes (Displayed by the letter S)
Measurement methodType this resistor
Electricity supply3 V AA × 2 DC battery
※ You can use manganese dry or alkaline dry battery (Note: Do not use different types of batteries at the same time)
Main accessoriesInstructions for use (including warranty), trial battery: two AA batteries (R6) x 2, carrying case, stainless steel tray
Main materialABS, PET, silicon rubber, stainless steel
 Code JAN4904785713505
Product dimensionsWidth 150mm  × High 35mm × Depth 210mm (Weight plate : Width 148 × Depth 148mm)
Product weightAbout 573g (Including battery and balance plate)
Packaging sizeWidth  178mm × High 53mm × Depth 268mm
Packaging weightAbout 987g (Including storage shell)
Warranty period1 year