Multi-frequency body composition index used for business type MC-780A Paul

High-frequency / high-precision multi-frequency body composition meter to meet different needs

  • A versatile body composition meter with high precision measurement capability that corresponds to human diversity such as race, physique, age, gender.
  • The correlation with “DXA method” is the gold standard of measuring body composition with an accuracy higher than 0.9 for both body fat and muscle mass.
  • High accuracy measurement is performed by measuring at three frequencies.

Smart monitoring design for easy use

  • It is possible to select two types of printers with output measurement results: compatible A4 printers and thermal printers.
    * Some models are compatible with PictBridge (Note for those that are not compatible with the device)
    ※ The printer is sold separately.
  • Data can be stored on SD card *, so data can be stored without having to carry PC.
  • Instant start with “ON” power button, only takes about 15 seconds from measuring to displaying results.

Can be installed depending on usage

  • With the wheel design attached, you can easily move the installation position.
  • In addition, because of light weight (about 15 kg), the handling becomes easier.
  • Because the screen orientation can be changed and removed, it can be installed according to usage situation, such as medical examination and measurement organization.
  • The self-mode and tool mode can be selected according to the scene used, which corresponds to the measurement of the user and the measurement of the employee.

Support optional data management software
Corresponding to “Data management application software Get In Shape (NV – 190)” (sold separately).
Measurement data is recorded, can manage history for 20 times.
It also corresponds to membership registration / memorization.

Can be used as a body weight certificate

* Points to keep in mind when buying more SD memory cards
Card capacity can be up to 32GB (SD / SDHC card).
Please note that 64GB or more (SDXC card) is not supported.


(Maximum weight)
270 kg(Including clothes)
Display minimum weight0.1 kg
Electricity supply100V(50Hz/60Hz)
Electric usedBelow 0.1A (Current consumption value)
Height90.0 ~ 249.9 cm (Unit 0.1 cm)
GenderMale/ Female
Age6 ~ 99 years old (standard)
18 ~ 99 years old (Athlete)
Measurement methodType of resistor wire
Main accessoriesInstructions for use, assembly guide, exclusive rack (200 sheets), warranty card, SD memory card, AC adapter, measurement result poster (1 sheet), USB cable of PictBridge printer
Audio functionYes
AccuracyLever 3
Operating temperature range5℃~35℃
Main materialABS, aluminum, iron
DisplayType B USB, RS-232C
Output deviceThermal printer (sold separately), PictBridge-compatible printer (sold separately)
Entry: GenderMale/ Female
Entry: ConditionStandard / Athlete
Entry: Age6 ~ 99 years old (standard)
18 ~ 99 years old (Athlete)
Impedance: Method of measurementMulti-frequency electrode 8
Impedance: Frequency of measurement5 kHz / 50 kHz / 250 kHz
Impedance: Measuring power90μA or less (JIS Medical Electronic Standard: JIS compliant 0601 – 1)
Impedance: Electrode material

Foot: Stainless steel / Hand: ABS plated

Impedance: Measure each partFull body / left hand / right hand / left leg / right leg
Impedance: Measuring range75.0 Ω ~ 1500.0 Ω
Display / print: BodyStandard / Athlete
Display / print: GenderMale/ Female
Display / print: Age6 ~ 99 years old (standard)
18 ~ 99 years old (Athlete)
Display / print: Height90.0 cm ~ 249.9 cm
Display / print: Weight0.0 kg ~ 270.0 kg (0.1 kg unit)
Display / print: ImpedanceUnit 0.1 Ω 
Display / print: Percentage of body fatUnit 0.1 % 
Display / print: Fat massUnit 0.1 kg
Display / print: Volume of excess fatUnit 0.1 kg 
Display / print: Body water volumeUnit 0.1 kg 
Display / print: BodyMassIndexUnit 0.1
Display / print: Standard weightStandard range
Notice of resultsDedicated print board, blank printing (only when using compatible printer with PhotosBridge)
Code JAN4904785022713
Product dimensionsWidth 360mm ×  Hight 1165mm ×  Depth 715mm (The height of the table scale: 94 mm)
Product weightAbout 15.5kg
Packaging sizeRộng 1060mm ×  Cao 301mm ×  Sâu 497mm
Packaging sizeAbout 22kg
Warranty period1 year