Multi-frequency body composition index for professional use MC-980A

  • High precision models are developed based on extensive clinical trials.
  • Display measurement results in easy-to-understand graphics.
  • Fill information easily with the big screen.
  • The height of the table is 65 mm thin, easy to step up.
  • The weighted results can be used as weight certification.
  • You can save the history of the meter in the monitor.
  • Can save measurement data of about 5000 people (100% calculation value)
    Can search and delete saved data on the screen, etc.
  • External output can be via USB port.
    Because of the Windows operating system installed, it is possible to use a
  • Windows 7 compatible printer to produce the measurement results.


Weight (Maximum weight)300.0 kg
Display minimum weight0.1 kg
AccuracyLever 3
Operating temperature range5℃~35℃
Electricity usedLower than 50W
Impedance: Method of measurementMulti-frequency electrode 8
Impedance: Frequency of measurement1kHz/5kHz/50kHz/250kHz/500kHz/1000kHz
Impedance: Measuring power90μA or less(JIS Medical Electronic Standard: JIS compliant 0601 – 1)
Impedance: Electrode materialFoot: Stainless steel / Hand: ABS plated
Impedance: Measure each partFull body / left hand / right hand / left leg / right leg
Impedance: Measuring range75.0Ω - 1500.0Ω
Screen DisplayLCD touch panel 10.4 type 1024 X 768
DisplayUSB Type A ×3、USB Type B ×1
Mesurement methodType of resistor wire
Input: GenderMale/ Female
Input: BodyStandard / Athlete
Input: Age6 ~ 99 years old (standard)
18 ~ 99 years old (Athlete)
Display / print: BodyStandard / Athlete
Display / print: GenderMale/ Female
Display / print: Age6 ~ 99 years old (standard)
18 ~ 99 years old (Athlete)
Display / print: Height90.0cm - 249.9cm
Display / print: Weight0.0kg - 300.0kg(Unit 0.1kg)
Display / print: ImpedanceUnit 0.1Ω
Display / print: Percentage of body fatUnit 0.1%
Display / print: Fat massUnit 0.1kg
Display / print: Volume of excess fatUnit 0.1kg
Display / print: Body water volumUnit 0.1kg
Display / print: BodyMassIndexUnit 0.1
Display / print: Standard weightStandard range
Output paperSpecialized print board
Display fixed functionYes
Output machineA4 printer (sold separately)
Electricity supply100V(50kHz/60kHz)